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Keeping UP with UPholstery

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

My mom has been a sewing queen for some time now… recovering chairs, making pillows, and creating curtains throughout our entire house. Taking her skills to the next level, she enrolled in her first upholstery class where she covered an antique chair. Envious of her new skill, I decided to enroll in my own upholstery adventure… though slightly easier. I signed up for a day-long bench bootcamp. Come prepared with fabric and foam… leave with a fully assembled custom bench. Shelly Leer teaches the class at her 54th and the Monon Studio, ModHomeEc. Below shows my journey through my first attempts in the world of upholstery. The bench now sits at the foot of my bed and I couldn’t be happier.

Check out ModHomeEc’s site to see their other classes!¬†

Start with a plywood base, which will serve as the frame for the bench.

Trace foam slightly larger than your plywood base and prepare for power tools!

Foam can be cut with a serrated knife, electric knife, or high-tech power knife as seen here.

Cover foam with batting and secure around the base with staples using a staple gun.

Trim off excess batting around the edge of the frame.

CAREFULLY align fabric so that it is even, straight, and jussssst how you want it.

Staple away!

Trim away excess fabric and screw in pre-made legs…

Voila! A hand-made and very Anthropolgie-esque bench!

To craft-ivity and beyond,
DIY Supergirl