About Me

Oh, hey there! I’m Rachel.¬†Circle Rachel

Someone once called me a “DIY Supergirl” and the name kind of stuck. I’m a Chicago twenty-something with a passionate love of tacos, short-legged canines and everything homemade.

You can most often find me in the kitchen (always wearing an apron), scouring the midcentury section on Craigslist or devouring Chicago’s continuously evolving restaurant scene. I’m into vintage upholstery, expensive paper, extra-spicy pickles and just about any type of mushroom. If it’s wrapped in a tortilla, god damn it I’ll try it. I’m a self-confessed chair hoarder and ¬†trash picker extraordinaire.

If all this craziness sounds interesting, I hope you’ll enjoy my projects, recipes and random musings. If not, hopefully my mom will read it.



If you’d like to hear more about any of my projects or just say hey, feel free to contact me.